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31. Members of an Agile development group are in discussions about integrating Kanban's continuous flow approach into their project processes. One member of the group expresses skepticism, suggesting that Kanban may not fully conform to established Agile tenets, and outlines several points of contention regarding the application of Kanban in their business setting. What is NOT accurately applicable to Kanban?

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32. A software development company is transitioning to Agile methodologies. In their new framework, the Agile Coach is tasked with guiding the overall shift in processes and mindset. The Product Owner collaborates with stakeholders to prioritize the product backlog, while the Scrum Master focuses on facilitating the daily scrums and sprint retrospectives. During a team meeting to clarify roles, some misconceptions arise regarding role of the product owner, prompting a discussion to correct any misunderstandings about her duties. Which one of the following is NOT the responsibility of the Product Owner?

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33. You are a Project Manager leading an Agile development team in a software development project. Your team is about to start a Sprint Planning Meeting for the upcoming sprint. The Product Owner, Scrum Master, and Development Team members are present. The product backlog has been prepared with several user stories and tasks. What is the first action you should take in the Sprint Planning Meeting?

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34. In a Scrum project, the Product Owner is keen to release a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to the market as soon as possible. The development team has completed a set of user stories during the current Sprint, and there's a desire to release these features to gain early user feedback. However, during the Sprint Review, some stakeholders express concerns about the MVP's completeness and the potential risks of releasing it prematurely. What should the Scrum team consider regarding the release of the MVP?

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35. You are a Scrum Master facilitating a Sprint Review meeting for your Scrum team. The team has just demonstrated a set of completed user stories to the stakeholders. During the discussion, a stakeholder asks about the significance of the "Definition of Done." They want to understand its primary purpose. How would you explain it to them?

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